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  • Welcoming Reverend Dean Curry

    by Representative Derek Kilmer

    Posted on 2015-02-04

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    KILMER. Mr. Speaker, I rise to honor today's guest chaplain, Reverend Dean Curry, from Tacoma, Washington.

    We are blessed to have such a remarkable pastor with us today who is a leading figure in the region that I represent. Reverend Curry's Life Center Church in Tacoma is a vibrant place where folks young and old come for worship.

    He knows what it means to give back to your community. Each month, he brings together civic and elected leaders in Tacoma for a faith breakfast, and volunteers from his church are always helping out those going through hard times.

    The motto of his church sums up his work pretty remarkably: ``It's all about the people.'' That is why it is fitting to have Reverend Curry here today. Like the United States House of Representatives, his mission is to serve the people.

    Reverend Curry is an example of how we should do more to listen, respect, and understand one another better so we can leave a place for future generations where opportunities are available for everyone.

    Reverend Curry has also led humanitarian missions to troubled regions like Iraq and Afghanistan to offer assistance and hope to those suffering through tragedies. He is someone who ``walks the walk'' when it comes to fighting for equality, religious freedom, and social justice both in his community and around the world.

    Whether he is listening to stories in refugee settlements or helping out with a national prayer breakfast, his passion for others shines through, and it is an honor to welcome him today.


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