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  • Welcoming Back the Minority Leader

    by Senator Richard J. Durbin

    Posted on 2015-02-02

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    DURBIN. Mr. President, first I wish to welcome back my colleague and friend, the minority leader of the Senate, Senator Harry Reid. I was told he was coming back. I found a way to avoid a blizzard in Chicago to be here with him because I wanted to be here for this moment.

    It is a great moment for those of us on the Democratic side of the aisle to have him back. I know it means a lot to him. We have been on the phone. I know he has gone through a lot in terms of his injury and also his impatience at home when for a period of time he could not read a book, which he loves to do, watch television, or do much of anything. I know he was anxious to get back in the saddle and back here, and we are so glad he has returned.

    His message at the outset shows he may be scarred and beaten up, but there is no diminution of the fighting spirit that Harry Reid has brought to the Senate floor on so many occasions with his opening remarks, reminding us we are going to embark this week on a question about the funding of the Department of Homeland Security.


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