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  • Waters of the United States

    by Representative Doug LaMalfa

    Posted on 2015-12-17

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    LaMALFA asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute and to revise and extend his remarks.) Mr. LaMALFA. Mr. Speaker, bipartisan majorities in the House and Senate, a majority of the States, and two Federal courts have rejected the administration's waters of the United States proposal by the EPA to reinterpret the Clean Water Act in order to seize authority over virtually every waterway, dry streambed, ditch, and puddle in the Nation. One Federal court found the proposal so excessive and so outside the President's authority that it issued a nationwide stay.

    This week, the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office confirmed what we already knew: the administration not only violated Federal law when preparing this proposal, but also engaged in an illegal propaganda campaign to misinform the public, soliciting skewed comments in favor of their proposal using social media, even so far as using general comments on Twitter in order to skew their view.

    Mr. Speaker, when is enough going to be enough? When the administration spends Americans' own tax dollars to solicit and persuade them to give up their rights, should that not be a wake-up call, that it has crossed a very bright ethical line? It is time that the administration admit that the waters of the United States rule is an illegal power grab, an overreach, and withdraw it immediately.


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