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  • Voluntary Taxes Are Seldom Paid

    by Representative Virginia Foxx

    Posted on 2014-01-15

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    FOXX. Mr. Speaker, the Internal Revenue Code allows individuals who feel they aren't taxed enough to make voluntary contributions to the U.S. Treasury. Unsurprisingly, this provision is seldom used. My Democrat colleagues should have considered this fact when drafting ObamaCare.

    The public is beginning to take note of what Republicans have been pointing out for years: young people who sign up for ObamaCare are taking on what amounts to a voluntary, stealth tax in order to subsidize older enrollees. As the initial numbers come in, it is clear that this voluntary tax on youth will fare no better than the optional taxes already in law.

    Mr. Speaker, ObamaCare will crumble--and should crumble--not because of bad Web site design or because Republicans don't like it, but because it is a flawed law built on a foundation of unsound policy presumptions.


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