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  • Unanimous Consents Request—H.R. 2126

    by Senator Kelly Ayotte

    Posted on 2014-12-16

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    AYOTTE. Mr. President, I thank my colleague from New Hampshire and my colleague from Ohio, Senators Shaheen and Portman, for their work on this legislation.

    As my colleague from New Hampshire has said, unfortunately this is a piece of legislation that is being blocked. As we saw on the floor, we don't even know the reason it is being blocked. I think, when we have an objection on the Senate floor, we should have to come to the floor and state what our objection is.

    So here we are. We are going to again ask for this legislation to be brought forward that passed overwhelmingly in the House and in fact has overwhelming support from both the business community and environmental groups.

    If the Tenant Star provision is what is being raised--we are not quite sure what the objection is because we haven't heard here publicly.

    This program is supported not only by commercial landowners but also tenants, the business community, and environmental groups. What it does is establish a market-based approach that is not a mandate but encourages both the commercial owners and tenants to be able to create a voluntary Tenant Star certification to encourage commercial tenants to implement cost measures that will help reduce energy consumption.

    Energy efficiency is a bipartisan way we can reduce energy costs, we can protect our environment, and we can ensure that we don't have to be dependent on countries overseas. It is about security of this country too.

    I thank my colleagues, Senators Shaheen and Portman, for working so hard on this bill. It is surprising, this bill that passed--obviously, a smaller version of the bill that they have introduced and I am proud to cosponsor, but it has overwhelming support. It passed the House. It is unfortunate that we are here and aren't going to be able to get this done because it is just common sense.

    Again, the program is not a mandate. There is no tax incentive, no grant program. It contains no regulatory authority, no new costs. This is one that just makes common sense.

    So I am very disappointed that this bill is not going to be brought forward tonight. It is unfortunate that we are essentially here fighting against something we don't even know what the objections are because they haven't been stated publicly.

    With that, I again thank my colleagues for working on this bill. I hope to support their efforts in the next Congress to get this bipartisan, commonsense energy efficiency legislation through this body.

    [[Page S6910]] With that, I turn to my colleague from Ohio.

    The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Senator from Ohio.

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