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  • Unanimous Consent Request—Executive Calendar

    by Senator Jerry Moran

    Posted on 2013-03-06

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    MORAN. Mr. President, thank you.

    Through the Chair, Mr. President, I would like to ask the Senator from Kentucky a couple of questions.

    I have been listening to the conversation, to the debate, to the discussion on the Senate floor throughout the afternoon, and I would ask the Senator from Kentucky these questions: Is it not true that the Constitution of the United States is a document designed to protect the freedoms and liberties of Americans? I would ask the Senator from Kentucky, while sometimes perceived to be a grant of authority, is not really the main purpose of the U.S. Constitution to make sure the American people enjoy certain liberties and freedoms that the Founding Fathers who wrote that document believed were important for American citizens? And whether or not that is true, I will let the Senator from Kentucky tell me, but if that is the case, if it is constitutional to intentionally kill an American citizen in the United States without due process of law, then what is not constitutional under the U.S. Constitution? If the conclusion is reached--as the administration, at least, is unwilling to say that is not the case--if the conclusion is reached that it is within the powers of the Constitution for the executive to allow for the killing of an American citizen in the United States, then what is left in our Constitution that would prohibit other behavior? If you can go this far, what liberties remain for Americans? Mr. PAUL. Mr. President, I think it is a good question because, ultimately, [[Page S1192]] the question is, Who gets to decide? Does the President get to decide unilaterally that he is going to do this? And how would you challenge it? If you are dead, you have a tough time challenging, basically, his authority to do this.

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