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  • Unanimous Consent Request—Executive Calendar

    by Senator Jeff Flake

    Posted on 2013-03-06

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    FLAKE. I thank the Senator for yielding, and I want to commend the Senator for this 12-hour long quest.

    I think it is now. It is an important topic. I recently traveled to Afghanistan and received a briefing there about the drone program and how it is working in Afghanistan. After seeing that briefing, seeing examples of how it is being used, I have to tell you, I was awed by it. I thought what a powerful weapon, what a great weapon, in this case, to use against terrorists.

    My second thought is what happens when that is in the hands of our enemy. I can tell you, it is a sobering thought to think of what happens when our enemies get this kind of technology. It is also sobering to think of what could happen if we use this technology here domestically. I think the question you have asked is totally right and proper. Where does the President derive authority? Does he believe he has the authority to use these weapons or any kind of weapon for lethal means when there is no imminent threat? I think the question the Senator is asking, if I understand that question correctly, is right and proper. My understanding is all you want to find out is does the President believe the administration has the authority to use lethal means in this manner domestically; is that correct? Mr. PAUL. Madam President, that is correct. It is a simple question. I think we are not asking for any heavy lifting here. We are asking the President: Do you have the authority.

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