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  • Tributes to Departing Senators

    by Senator Jeff Sessions

    Posted on 2013-01-03

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    SESSIONS. Mr. President, as the year ends, we face the sadness that surrounds the departure of good colleagues. I want to take a minute to express my pleasure in having the opportunity to know and work with Herb Kohl. We have served 16 years together on the Judiciary Committee and in the Senate. He is one of the most accomplished and courteous members of the Senate. His powerful intellect along with his vast private sector experience have given him valuable insight into the issues of our time. We shared a strong belief in the importance of the Littoral Combat Ship and in the end were both pleased to see that program move forward. As a senior member of the Judiciary Committee, Senator Kohl was a faithful member who had a remarkable ability to win the affection and respect of members. He always sought common ground rather than confrontation. It's been a real pleasure for me to get to know and to work with this remarkable, talented and good man. He has given much to the Senate. My best wishes are extended for this next chapter in his life.


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