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  • Tribute to Young Staff Members and Interns for Their Contributions on Behalf of the People of the 18Th Congressional District of Texas

    by Representative Sheila Jackson Lee

    Posted on 2013-12-16

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    JACKSON LEE of texas in the house of representatives Monday, December 16, 2013 Ms. JACKSON LEE. Mr. Speaker, one of the major reasons why I believe the future of our country is bright and its best days lie ahead is the extraordinary quality, talent, commitment, and energy of the young people who will in time assume the responsibility of leadership.

    Members of Congress know well, perhaps better than most, how blessed our nation is to have in reserve such exceptional young men and women who will go on to become leaders in their local communities, states, and the nation in the areas of business, education, government, philanthropy, the arts and culture, and the military.

    We know this because we see them and benefit from their contributions every day. Many of them work for us in our offices as junior staff members, congressional fellows, or interns and they do amazing work for and on behalf of the constituents we are privileged to represent.

    I rise today to pay tribute to the wonderful young men and women who have done this work in my office for my constituents.

    Mr. Speaker, I believe there is no higher calling than the call to serve a cause larger than ourselves. That is why I ran for public office. I was inspired to serve by President Kennedy who said, ``Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country,'' and by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who said: Everybody can be great because anybody can serve. . . . You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.

    By this measure, there are several other great young men and women who served as volunteers this year in my offices. They may toil in obscurity but their contributions to the constituents we serve are deeply appreciated and I wish to acknowledge them. They are: Carlos Fierros, Toulia Nwabunnia, Ziad Saqr, Michal Shinnar, Chike Achebe, Morgan Cassell, Deontae Wherry, Kern Kumar, Myron Latney, Mohammad Cifci, Hiromi Oka, Marcus Smith, Zahit Akinci, Alezeh Rauf, Elif Duran, Omorose Eguakun, Amy Akabue, Ariadna Mujica, Olivia Igbokwe, and Ayanna Costley.

    Mr. Speaker, the energy, intelligence, and idealism young people bring to their internships in my office and those of my colleagues helps keep our democracy vibrant. The insights, skills, and knowledge of the governmental process they gain from their experiences will last a lifetime and prove invaluable to them as they go about making their mark in this world.

    I am grateful that such thoughtful committed young men and women can be found working in my office, those of my colleagues, and in every community in America. Their good works will keep America great and good.


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