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  • Tribute to the Bakersfield High School Driller Football Team

    by Representative Kevin McCarthy

    Posted on 2014-01-16

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    McCARTHY of california in the house of representatives Thursday, January 16, 2014 Mr. McCARTHY of California. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor the Bakersfield High School Drillers football team, who took home their seventh state football title after a triumphant win at the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) Division I State Football Championship Bowl Game this past December.

    Drillers football has long been synonymous with winning in California state high school football history, with 36 section championships since its first unofficial game 120 years ago. In a magical 12-year span, the Drillers won six state championships, with the sixth title win coming in 1927. That same year, the state playoff system was disbanded, resurrected 79 years later in 2006 with the establishment of the state bowl championship. With the 56-26 win against Del Oro High on December 20, 2013, a new and modern era of Driller state champions was born.

    Winning this championship was a team effort on both the offensive and defensive side of the football. This historic victory, however, was also the product of months of hard work and skill, refined by grueling summer practices and an unequivocal determination from every player, coach, and support staff to not only reach the state championship bowl, but to take home the trophy. This team overcame early obstacles, but with their eyes on the prize, charged through the season to cap off an amazing 13-2 record and secured wins by an average margin of victory of several touchdowns.

    I commend Drillers Head Coach Paul Golla and his coaching staff for their leadership and ability to mold their students into champions and uphold the Drillers' century-old legacy as California's winningest high school football team. Serving the Drillers for nine years, Coach Golla brought all the players together so each one not only knew his individual responsibilities to cohesively form elaborate offensive and defensive units that scored at will and stifled their opponent's offense. The same can be said for the team's senior class leaders who, through their unique ability to lead their teammates, made game-winning adjustments and executed each play to the highest level.

    As a Driller myself, I join our community in congratulating the coaches and players for their achievement. The 2013 Division I State Championship Driller coaching staff includes: Head Coach Paul Golla, Darren Carr, Terry [[Page E84]] Chapman, DeMarcus Clear, Jay Durant, Adam Levinson, Johnny Maran, Lance McCullah, Eduardo Romero, Craig Buckey, Paxton Garner, Rick Mosher, Bill Solan, Devon Pitts, Kirk Erickson, and Chris Figueroa. The 2013 CIF Division I State Championship Driller football team includes: Derrick Vickers, Lameshio Hill, Asauni Rufus, Johnathon Malone, Darias Dallas, Nate Stancil, Amone Gragg, Jeremiah Reddick, Coleman Olivas, Joseph Conley, Joshua Maran, Kevin Hayes, Ryder Dilley, Noah Holley, Desmond Stancil, Kira Burton, Keayr Gragg, Eddie Sanchez, Marcus Watkins, Deion Nobles, Anthony Mackey, Desmon McGhee, Bryson Briggs, Alex Fulmer, Ben Sanchez, Darrious Eaton, Nick Marchetti, Nigel Flores, Brian Douglas, Marcus Bruce, Patrick Liles, Jake Vasquez, Chris Sierra, Chris Agtang, Ethan Carter, Patrick Crowley, David Bonilla, Dimas Ramos, Greyson Burt, Dillon Littles, Nigel Brooks, Paulie Salazar, Brenden Hacker, Albert Salas, Joshua Nunez, Benjamin O'Bannon, Seth Valdes, Jordan Beltran, Julian Sanders, Anastacio Barrientos, Fletcher Dilley, Dyllan Guillermo, Cassidy Johnson, McKenzie McCoy, Robert Trujillo, Sergio Barriga, Daniel Schoene, Ulunder Martin, and Tyler Alvarez. You all have made our community so proud. Once a Driller, Always a Driller.


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