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  • Tribute to Myron Fleming

    by Senator Harry Reid

    Posted on 2013-03-13

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    REID. Mr. President, I have been waiting today to take just a moment to honor Myron Fleming, Director of Doorkeepers, who is retiring after 40 years of working on Capitol Hill.

    Myron began his work in the Capitol with the office of Senator Howard Metzenbaum of Ohio. He has worked in the Senate for 33, 34 years, and prior to that he worked in the House of Representatives for 7 years. He is someone [[Page S1783]] whom I have watched over the many years I have been here. He has a wonderful personality. He is someone who helps keep order in this institution, and his presence in the Senate is one that is calming. Everyone who knows him likes him. It just will not be the same without him.

    While I will miss him, I know he will be glad to spend more time with his wife Jean Carolyn, as well as his children Mark and Mitchell and their granddaughter Nila.

    We talked earlier in the day when I learned he was retiring, and I have already spoken about what a fine gentleman he is. But here is one thing he and I joked about today. I was here handling the floor as I did for Senator Daschle for many years, and there was this big crash. Everyone said: What has happened? What happened was Myron was rushing around doing the work he did, and he could not have done a better pirouette if he been a ballerina. He flipped in the air and came crashing down. Everybody thought something bad had happened, and Myron just got up, smiled, and walked away. He and I joked about that earlier today. I will always remember that. I asked Gary to find somebody on the staff who was there when Myron fell, and no one remembered, but Myron and I remembered. So I went and talked to him myself.

    Myron is leaving next week to go on a cruise to Cancun, Mexico, with his wife and his granddaughter. I thank him on behalf of the entire Senate for his faithful service to our country and to the U.S. Senate. I wish him well in the future.


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