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  • Tribute to Karen Ponzurick Brown

    by Senator Mike Crapo

    Posted on 2013-12-17

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    CRAPO. Mr. President, today I wish to recognize the outstanding work of an invaluable member of my staff. Karen Ponzurick Brown, who is really quite young, has already reached 25 years of service on Capitol Hill, and she has chosen to retire. For 7\1/2\ years, she has worked tirelessly in a job that calls for 24/7/365 attention. I cannot thank her enough for her dedicated assistance. And I also thank her husband Paul who has shared his wife's attention with me for these many years.

    Karen came to work for me at a time when technology was rapidly changing for the position that she held. While she had never worked in this type of capacity before, her sharp mind and intuitive sense quickly assessed how to put together a system that ensured Idahoans received priority attention on my schedule. She has been instrumental in creating efficiencies and effective processes in our office and in my time. Karen is conscientious, structured and hardworking. She was accessible to anyone who needed her and was a mentor to many of our staff. Her calm demeanor has soothed many agitated callers seeking appointments. Her sense of decorum has provided me and my staff with a greater sense of professionalism. Her ability to anticipate challenges has saved the day many times over. I have great respect for her thorough, diligent and well-thought-out approach to tackling any problem, and I will truly miss having her input on the many challenges that are encountered in our everyday workplace.

    But above all her professional qualities, Karen has been a great friend and trusted advisor, and there are no words strong enough to express my gratitude for that friendship, which I hope will continue. No matter the challenges at hand, she always strives to meet and exceed expectations. Karen has been a great asset to me, my staff, Idahoans and countless others throughout her two and a half decades of committed public service. Thank you, Karen, for your dedication. Your confident and strong guidance will truly be missed, and I wish you all the best. Retirement has been a tough choice for you, but I know that you are at peace with that [[Page S8909]] decision, and you are certainly young enough to enjoy it! ____________________

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