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  • Tribute to Jeff Sayer

    by Senator Mike Crapo

    Posted on 2015-12-16

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    CRAPO. Mr. President, my colleague Senator Jim Risch joins me today in expressing our gratitude to Jeff Sayer, a great Idahoan and public servant. We honor Jeff's contributions over the past few years as he transitions from State service.

    Jeff Sayer has served honorably as the State of Idaho director of the Department of Commerce since October 2011. During his 4 years of service at the Department of Commerce, Jeff accomplished many important objectives. They include the reorganization of the department, making it leaner and more responsive to business. Jeff likes to say that he wants a department that ``moves at the speed of business,'' and he was successful in meeting that goal. Jeff launched the Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission and established the Idaho Opportunity Fund, as well as Idaho's Tax Reimbursement Incentive that resulted in 4,047 new jobs, $496 million in new capital investments, $1.65 billion in total wages, and $288 million in new State revenue. These are just some of the impressive accomplishments of the Department of Commerce under the direction of Jeff Sayer.

    Jeff's leadership of the Governor's Leadership in Nuclear Energy, or LINE, Commission is equally important. Jeff started this commission, led it through a complete review of the State's role in supporting nuclear energy and Idaho National Laboratory, and oversaw the completion of a final report that is still helping guide policymakers in Idaho and Washington, DC.

    While we congratulate Jeff on being presented with an outstanding opportunity to return to the private sector, we are saddened to be losing his leadership and talents in State government. We wish Jeff and his wife, Laurel, well in their new endeavor and look forward to still leaning on Jeff for guidance and wisdom on a frequent basis. ____________________

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