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  • Tribute to Frank Bigger

    by Senator John Boozman

    Posted on 2014-12-11

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    BOOZMAN. Madam President, I wish to honor Frank Bigger, who will retire as the Pocahontas Mayor after 4 years of public service to the citizens of Arkansas in this elected position.

    Frank was inspired to run for city mayor at 67, the first political office he has held. Frank ran on the platform of economic prosperity and job creation. In that light, he fought hard alongside the Chamber of Commerce and the Intermodal Authority to bring a Poultry, Egg Company, PECO, processing facility to the county. This created more than 1,000 local jobs and led to improved infrastructure to accommodate the business.

    Frank helped the community overcome the worst flooding residents remember. Highways, bridges and businesses were closed because of several feet of water from a levee breach of the Black River. Under Frank's leadership, Pocahontas recovered.

    Before serving as mayor, Frank graduated from Arkansas State University and served on the Black River Technical College board of trustees. In 1996, he retired as president from what is now Pinnacle Frame and Accent, and has also worked as a part-time bank owner and has owned local cattle farms.

    My staff and I have enjoyed working with Mayor Bigger on the projects important to Pocahontas. I am truly grateful for his years of honorable service and dedication to the community. ____________________

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