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  • Tribute to Columbia Chapter of Moles

    by Representative James E. Clyburn

    Posted on 2015-01-08

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    CLYBURN of south carolina in the house of representatives Thursday, January 8, 2015 Mr. CLYBURN. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to offer my congratulations to the Columbia Chapter of Moles as they celebrate their 50th anniversary. The Moles is a national organization of professional women that strives to promote the civic and social welfare of its members. The Columbia Moles was sponsored for membership in the national body by the Charlotte, North Carolina Chapter and was chartered on January 16, 1965 as the 19th of what are currently 30 chapters.

    Incorporated in 1950, The Moles seeks to distinguish itself from similar social and civic organizations by supporting its national and local projects without public solicitation or fundraising. The Moles' 30 chapters are located in 16 states and the District of Columbia. Each chapter meets monthly, and a National Conclave is held annually.

    As energetic, talented, and productive women who meet regularly to engage in organized social activities and sisterly exchanges of ideas, they have demonstrated great vision and leadership for five decades. However, the true foundation of The Moles' success is its enduring sisterhood which has been indelibly forged in mutual love and respect.

    Their motto, ``enjoy yourself, it's later than you think,'' reflects the primary purposes of The Moles: to individually and collectively enhance the social graces while pursuing educational opportunities and to enhance the civic welfare of its members.

    Since 1965, The Columbia Chapter has fulfilled these purposes through its elegant social events for members and guests, including fellowship- filled monthly meetings and its renowned Labor Day Weekend retreats. The chapter also honors historic community leaders through the presentation of national Moles Resolutions and local recognition. The Columbia Chapter also makes annual contributions to numerous charitable and service organizations as part of the National Conclave.

    The Moles currently sponsors two four-year scholarships to deserving students who are [[Page E31]] competitively selected. The first scholarship was established in 1968 following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and is appropriately named the Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship. In 2007, a second four-year scholarship was established and named The Moles Scholarship. It is a great honor that the Columbia Chapter's 2013 nominee, Mr. Lindsey Hallingquest, received the Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship. Lindsey, a Columbia, South Carolina native, is currently a sophomore at Duke University.

    I am particular enamored with their creed, which was authored by Mole Madeline T. Peters: ``There is a destiny that makes us sisters, None goes her way alone; all that we send into the lives of others, comes back into our own. Care not what our temples or our creeds; one thing holds firm and fast, that in our fateful heap of days and deeds, the soul of man is cast.'' Mr. Speaker, The Moles have enriched the lives of many and continue to make outstanding contributions to our society in a wide range of fields. I ask that you and my colleagues join me in congratulating them on this major milestone.


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