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  • Tribute to Chuck Turner

    by Representative Harold Rogers

    Posted on 2015-12-16

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    ROGERS of kentucky in the house of representatives Wednesday, December 16, 2015 Mr. ROGERS of Kentucky. Mr. Speaker, it is with great sorrow that I rise today to recognize Chuck Turner, a longtime Appropriations Committee professional staff member, who sadly passed away on December 8.

    Chuck was a skillful appropriator, a beloved colleague, and a steadfast public servant. His 40-year career was dedicated to serving Congress, the Capitol Hill community, and the American people.

    Chuck began his long career on Capitol Hill working for the Library of Congress, first in the U.S. Copyright Office, then in the Library's Financial Services Office, where he handled budget issues.

    For the better part of the last 32 years, Chuck worked with the House Appropriations Legislative Branch Subcommittee: first on detail from the Library of Congress, and then--after proving himself to be invaluable--as senior staff for the Subcommittee.

    His concern for and commitment to the Legislative Branch underscored everything he did. He consistently put the Committee and his work for the House before anything else.

    He made sure that Members of Congress have the resources they need to do their legislative work on behalf of the American people. In particular, he maintained a deep affection for the Library of Congress--ensuring its work and collections remain available to the public and to the Members who rely on its information to do their jobs.

    He also ensured that all who entered the Capitol Complex--be it staff, visitors, or the Members themselves--are safe--protected by a well-equipped Capitol Police force, in solid and secure facilities. His life's work can be felt each time you set foot in the Capitol Complex.

    Chuck was recognized for his expertise and good work on more than one occasion. He was called upon to serve as a Special Investigator for the Select Committee to Investigate the Preparation for and Response to Hurricane Katrina. He took part in a staff delegation to Indonesia to help train members of the Indonesian parliament and their staff on the legislative budget process. And for several years, he not only worked with the House Legislative Branch Subcommittee, but he also helped the Senate with writing their Legislative Branch Appropriations bill.

    Chuck was truly the epitome of a devoted public servant--he worked until the very end.

    On a more personal level, Chuck was beloved by all those he worked with. His kindness, consideration, easy sense of humor, and loyal friendship is something that all could aspire to. The Legislative Branch, the House, and the Appropriations Committee will be a lesser place without him.

    I want to thank Chuck for his decades of service, and for leaving his final mark on this institution--the Legislative Branch bill that will be a part of the final, fiscal year 2016 omnibus legislation. His presence will be deeply missed in the halls of the Capitol.


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