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  • Tribute to Chip Roy

    by Senator Ted Cruz

    Posted on 2014-12-16

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    CRUZ. Mr. President, I rise today to recognize a fearless leader, and one I am blessed to call a friend. Chip Roy. Chip reluctantly agreed to travel from Texas to Washington--frequently leaving his beautiful wife Carrah and his two precious children, Charlie and Virginia--to help build and lead one of the most talented and principled conservative teams on Capitol Hill, and to Make D.C. Listen. He did. He will continue to lead in Texas, now just from a different front.

    My good friends in Texas, especially newly elected Attorney General Paxton and Governor Abbott, are fortunate to have such a principled fighter for liberty assuming the role as First Assistant to the Attorney General. I look forward to many opportunities to continue working side-by-side to champion the rights of Texans, and all Americans.

    Chip is a man of conviction. His passion is matched only by his unceasing faith. I am confident he will continue to shine a light on the truth and to serve the Great State of Texas and this Nation with the utmost dedication to the Constitution and to the Lord Almighty.

    I will always be grateful for the many days--and nights--Chip dedicated to critical fights here in the Senate, from protecting citizens' Second Amendment rights, to securing our borders, to leading a national debate on the harms of Obamacare. Chip knows DC well, but he knows the American people better, and his courage to help change the way Washington does business to put our fellow Texans and Americans first is a rare gift that will continue to live on.

    This is simply the beginning, as we both continue to battle to protect our God-given rights, to secure a future filled with opportunity for our beloved children, and to keep America the land of the free. May we continue to make Texas a beacon of liberty.

    Chip, thank you for your tireless service, especially in the wake of your courageous battle against cancer. Thank you for your uncompromising principles. Thank you for your continued friendship. For, as Proverbs 27:17 says, ``As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.'' Your leadership has, and will continue to, make all who are privileged to know you stronger. May God continue to bless you, and the Great State of Texas.


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