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  • Tribute to Chaplain Dr. Black

    by Senator Harry Reid

    Posted on 2016-01-11

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    REID. Mr. President, while the Chaplain is in the building, I wish to say a brief word. I have the good fortune--and have for many years--to come to the floor every day and listen to a prayer offered in sincerity by our Chaplain. The people who watch us on TV think that all he does is walk in here every day and give a little prayer. The fact is, I received information on the things he did this past year.

    He represented the Senate in 27 out-of-town speaking engagements. Those speaking engagements are tremendous. He has been in Nevada on a number of occasions. He is a tremendous presenter of what he does and what is good for the country. He delivered the invocation and/or benediction to 17 different ceremonies. He spoke at 10 different Senate functions. He visited with 20 different school groups who came to visit the Capitol. He delivered the invocation at 12 local events. He spoke at 26 local events. He hosted 11 guest Chaplains. He hosted three Jewish programs. He administered premarital and marriage-enrichment counseling. He mentored 20 Senate staffers in a recurring, 10-week spiritual mentoring program. He facilitated the Wednesday morning weekly Prayer Breakfast. He hosted two men's Prayer Breakfasts for Senate staff featuring Os Guinness and Michael Franzese as guest speakers. He hosted a special program at Easter, our 20th [[Page S5]] annual Thanksgiving service, and a holiday open house for the Senate community.

    He prayed on the Senate floor for the convening of most Senate sessions. He taught 44 Bible studies for approximately 150 Senate staff. He taught 44 Bible studies for approximately 15 staff in the Postal Square Building. He taught 40 Bible studies for the Senators in Senator Inhofe's Capitol office. He taught 44 Bible studies for 15 chiefs of staff. He engaged in hospital visitations on frequent occasions and gave weekly updates about the sick and injured at the Senate Prayer Breakfast. He delivered the eulogy for former Senator Edward Brook at the National Cathedral. He spoke at memorial services and funerals for various Senate staff members. He ministered to Senate office staff members during times of grief. He spoke to Senate staff during staff meetings.

    That is not all. In relation to his activities and duties, he hosted a ladies' small group Bible study every Monday, consisting of Senate staff. He had a small group of men consisting of Capitol police officers and other Senate staff for Bible study every Wednesday.

    Mr. President, everyone should know that he does more than give this prayer opening the Senate every day. In fact, if that was all he did, it would be well worth the functions of the Senate Chaplain, but he does much more. I congratulate him and express the appreciation of the entire Senate for the good work and good representations this fine man does representing our country. Remember, he is a retired admiral of the U.S. Navy.


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