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  • Tribute to Brian Krolicki

    by Senator Dean Heller

    Posted on 2014-12-11

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    HELLER: Madam President, I wish to congratulate Lieutenant Governor Brian Krolicki, of Stateline, for his decades of service to the State of Nevada. After most recently serving as Nevada's lieutenant governor for 8 years, he will be retiring on January 5, 2015. It gives me great pleasure to congratulate my friend and colleague on his 24 years of hard work and dedication to the Silver State.

    While serving as Nevada's Secretary of State, I came to know Lieutenant Governor Krolicki not only as a trusted colleague, but also as a dear friend. While attending Stanford University, Lieutenant Governor Krolicki fell in love with Lake Tahoe, NV. After earning a bachelor's degree in political science, he moved to Nevada. While maintaining his Silver State residence, he went on to become an investment banker in New York City and San Francisco. Lieutenant Governor Krolicki's public service career began in 1990 when he was tapped to serve as chief deputy treasurer to then-State treasurer Bob Seale. His many years of financial experience made him an ideal candidate for State treasurer after the retirement of Treasurer Seale. Upon being sworn in as treasurer in 1999, he began to tirelessly devote his efforts to the people of Nevada. He created the Nevada college savings plans, and was responsible for the successful rollout and administration of the Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship. Under his leadership, Nevada saw its first upgrade in credit ratings in nearly 30 years.

    After serving 8 years as treasurer, he sought the lieutenant governorship in 2006 and won by a sizeable margin. During Lieutenant Governor Krolicki's two terms of service, he has ably focused on advancing the Silver State's tourism industry all over the Nation and around the globe. Lieutenant Governor Krolicki has served as chairman of the Reno Tahoe Winter Games Coalition since 2006, and is actively fighting for northern Nevada to host the 2026 Olympic Games. This year, my wife Lynne and I were honored to participate in Nevada's 150th anniversary celebrations. As chairman of the Nevada Sesquicentennial Commission that successfully carried out over 500 events, Lieutenant Governor Krolicki has once more shown his dedication to the State of Nevada.

    As a devoted husband and proud father to three girls, Lieutenant Governor Krolicki stands as a shining example of someone who has dedicated his life to serving his community. I am grateful for his dedication and commitment to the people of the State of Nevada. He exemplifies the highest standards of leadership and community service and should be proud of his long and meaningful career. Today, I ask that all of my colleagues join me in thanking Lieutenant Governor Krolicki for his service to the Silver State and I offer my deepest appreciation for all that he has done to make Nevada an even better place. I offer my best wishes for many successful and fulfilling years to come. ____________________

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