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  • The Pro-Life Movement is Alive and Well

    by Representative Steve Chabot

    Posted on 2016-01-07

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    CHABOT. Mr. Speaker, I want to thank the gentleman for his leadership. Chris Smith has been in a leadership position on this issue since before Henry Hyde. He took up the mantle for Henry. So thank you for doing that, Chris. We appreciate that greatly.

    {time} 1845 I have got a birthday coming up in a couple of weeks. It happens to be on January 22, which is the day that that horrific decision--the Roe v. Wade decision--was issued by the United States Supreme Court.

    On my birthday now, I can't help but think about all those who are not among us because their mother made a different decision than my mom made almost 63 years ago. Because of that decision, those little innocent unborn children aren't with us.

    My district is Cincinnati. We have had some of the original founding leaders of the pro-life movement there, especially Dr. Jack and Barb Willke, who passed away within the last couple of years. But they were the leaders. The torch has been taken up by people like Paula Westwood, who now heads up Cincinnati's Right to Life.

    As Mr. Smith mentioned, we have made some progress. I was honored to have been able to play a role in passing the ban on partial birth abortion, which is now the law of the land, as well as the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act.

    When we consider the reprehensible practices of organizations like Planned Parenthood and what goes on there in their facilities all across America, it shows that we have a long way to go. As discouraging as it can get sometimes, we must never give up, never give up in our fight to protect the most innocent among us, the unborn.

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