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  • The Pro-Life Movement is Alive and Well

    by Representative Doug LaMalfa

    Posted on 2016-01-07

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    LaMALFA. Mr. Smith, thank you for yielding, and also thank you for your amazing leadership on year after year putting this in front of the people and highlighting--or lowlighting--just what this has been.

    It is probably very mind-boggling for many Americans to contemplate that this has been going on for 43 years, since the Supreme Court ruling, out of whole cloth, Roe v. Wade. And it must be very mind- boggling when we remind Americans that at this time over 57 million abortions have been performed since that.

    We know that over 7 million have been performed by Planned Parenthood--7 million--making them the largest abortion provider in the country.

    {time} 1830 Yet you will hear Planned Parenthood argue that it is a tiny part of what they provide as far as what they might deem to be women's health services. If it is such a minor part of what they do, then maybe they ought not be demanding and asking for government funding. Indeed, that was taken care of this week in the measure that was sent to the President's desk. We will see what the President decides to do with that.

    With Planned Parenthood providing 323,000 abortions just in 2014 and receiving $550 million in taxpayer funding, we see that this is a wrong that is mind-boggling to most Americans as well.

    With the sending of that bill to the President, it is going to make a strong statement that this House and this Senate can take action on something that many people, when they pay attention, find to be quite abhorrent. Instead, there are alternatives out there that this legislation has provided that will allow women's health to be funded and taken care of at many other centers. Even Planned Parenthood can participate if they choose at some point to not be an abortion provider.

    The key here is that women's health will be served and that with the information and with the decisions they made being fully informed on that, we can see many less abortions happen in this country as well as the moral fiber and integrity of this country held up by not doing such an abhorrent thing in so many cases.

    So I commend Mr. Smith and all those fellow warriors out there who will be marching for life not only coming up soon this year, but they are out there every year battling for the cause to turn America back around into a place that is a little more moral and actually does care about women, their health, and their mental well-being when this decision has been put upon them.

    So, to my colleague, thank you once again for allowing me here tonight with this because it is very important that we remember just how heinous this is and how people need to be informed about that, pause, and take time to see what this really means for America and our own well-being. Thank you.

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