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  • The Pro-Life Movement is Alive and Well

    by Representative Austin Scott

    Posted on 2016-01-07

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    SCOTT of Georgia. Chris, I too want to thank you for your work on this issue. You are certainly one of the most passionate people I have seen on this issue in my years.

    I was thinking about what I might say, and my wife sent me a text. To follow up on what Mr. Roskam was saying, she asked me if I could FaceTime. So I stepped into the room, and I FaceTimed with my wife and our beautiful little 10-month-old daughter.

    In 1973, the state-of-the-art technology was the walkie-talkie. I can't help but believe that the Court ruling would be totally different if a 3-D ultrasound picture like I got to see of my baby when she was 20 weeks old were put on the screen and a judge got the opportunity to say, ``What do you call that?'' Five fingers, five toes, eyes, ears, lips, nose--you can see them. You can see the hair. The technology is continuing to prove what many of us in this country have known all along, and that is that life begins at conception and that God has given value to each and every single life.

    I just want to take 1 more minute to say thank you to the men and women that get up every morning and that work at our pregnancy care centers and help encourage those young mothers and those young families to have the child, to love that child, and to understand that it is a gift from God. There is no telling how many men and women have been saved because of those volunteers at our pregnancy care centers throughout this country. So I want to say thank you to them.

    I want to say thank you to the people at the National Right to Life and, in my State, Georgia Right to Life and Georgia Life Alliance for the work that they have done to continue to educate people on that.

    I want you to know this fight continues. This is a stain on our country. It is a sin that God is not going to allow us to get away with. We as a nation need to accept that life begins at conception, and we as Congress have a responsibility to do everything that we can to protect it.

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