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    by Representative Robert Pittenger

    Posted on 2014-01-15

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    PITTENGER. Thank you, Congressman Smith. I am so grateful for your leadership, having known you now for the last 30 years and watched the true commitment that you have for the calls of life. I just appreciate the spirit of which you come and your dedication.

    Mr. Speaker, before I got in Congress, I spent a lot of time committed to the pro-life mission. My interest really was elevated about 25 years ago when I was in London with my family, and we visited the British Museum. After a long day, we were tired and we went into a little booth and sat down. There were a [[Page H460]] number of chairs. There was a little TV screen, and I just pushed the button to see what was there. What came on was a little film about life and about birth and about this little baby. They referred to the baby time and again: the baby is a week old, the baby is 2 weeks old, the baby is 3 weeks old.

    Here is a chart, Mr. Speaker, that says that baby at 4 weeks has the eyes and the heart, 5 weeks greater development with the limbs, 6 weeks having the teeth and the palate and the ears. You will see there, Mr. Speaker, about the 16th week the brain is fully formed; and, at that point, at fully formed, the nervous system is in. That baby can feel pain.

    So I want those who can see us today and feel the heart and commitment, that this is a baby, and this is the life of that baby as it is processed. The Lord said: ``I knew you even when you were in your mother's womb.'' This is something that we cannot remove ourselves from.

    As you think of this baby and the loss of these babies, some 56 million, your mind's eye looks through all of recorded history and what has happened in the period of history that those babies were born and what would happen with their lives. Did we eliminate the life of one who would have helped to cure cancer or diabetes or any other disease? Was that life taken that God had put in that little baby's mind and heart the knowledge to do what was needed to be done to cure a major disease today? We will never know that until eternity.

    For that, I think it is a very sober thought to know that the Lord watches over us day and night, and his thoughts toward us are good and not of evil, to give us a future and a hope. He has hope to all. We need to respect the fact and know the fact that that loving God provided this life to be a blessing on this Earth. It is something that we should consider very seriously, the impact of what has happened in God's plan for this Earth by what we have taken away from the life that he has given.

    So I share this time with you and I am grateful for your leadership. As I join with you next week, this will be a moment to continue to ask God to help preserve these lives.

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