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    by Representative Robert E. Latta

    Posted on 2014-01-15

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    LATTA. I appreciate the gentleman from New Jersey for his leadership on this all important issue and for the time here today.

    Mr. Speaker, next Wednesday, thousands from across the country, including hundreds of my constituents from northwest and west central Ohio who support the lives of the unborn, will gather in Washington, D.C., in recognition of the 41st anniversary of the Supreme Court's ROE v. WADE decision.

    While the March for Life represents a somber occasion to reflect on the tens of millions of lives lost and the harm to women and families that has needlessly come about as the result of legalized abortion, it also represents an opportunity to strengthen our voices and renew our efforts in support for life across the country.

    We must make certain that our fight does not end here with the march. We must continue to be daily engaged and vigilant in protecting and defending the right to life of unborn children and ensure that Federal policies that openly seek to threaten those rights or curb them through limitations or veiled assaults on the exercise of conscience rights are defeated. Let us not forget that the preamble to our Declaration of Independence proclaims that life is our first absolute right.

    Thank you to the tens of thousands of Americans who spend their time and continue to dedicate their efforts to this vitally important cause. I am committed to fighting with you in defending the sanctity of life.

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