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    The Pro-Life Caucus

    by Former Representative Michele Bachmann

    Posted on 2014-01-15

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    BACHMANN. Thank you so much to my colleague from New Jersey (Mr. Smith) who has long been the fearless leader of the issue of standing for the sacred right to life.

    One thing that we know in 41 years is that there has been a profound change in the United States. We can't lose 56 million innocent American lives and not be changed. Just to put it in context, 56 million means the entire population of my State of Minnesota more than 10 times over. That is how many of our fellow brothers and sisters have been lost through the carnage of abortion. That is the unborn.

    The other cost is the loss to 56 million American women, women who have had ongoing precious innocent human life literally pulled from their bodies.

    I am a woman. One thing that God has done, the Creator of all life, He privileged women to be the receptacles and the bearers of the next generation. I have been privileged to bear five beautiful children, to be a foster mother to an additional 23 children. I have been a mother 28 times over. Is there any greater privilege? I weep and I mourn for women who have been lied to, women who were forced into undergoing this very violent procedure that, for many people, altered their lives forever. They can't deal with the guilt. They have turned to maybe drugs or alcohol to deal with the guilt.

    The good news is, a holy forgiving God makes a way out. He forgives, and He provides a way of opportunity for them.

    So 56 million unborn children, 56 million women, also 56 million fathers, 56 million who their child is the one that was unborn. I think we can do better.

    Ideas have consequences. When we embrace the idea that human life isn't sacred, that it is expendable, this is the result. I know that we can do better. We will do better, and I thank God that with the March for Life that is coming up next week, that we will stand together saying that there is a future, and there is a hope.

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