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    by Representative Daniel Lipinski

    Posted on 2014-01-15

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    LIPINSKI. Mr. Speaker, I want to begin by thanking Chairman Smith for all the work that he does, not just on this issue of protecting life of the unborn here in the United States but on human rights around the world.

    We all know that the first human right is the right to life, without which nothing else is possible. I am very proud to support the legislation the gentlewoman from North Carolina (Ms. Foxx) talked about that we are trying to move forward here in the House, to protect life. What a large majority of the American people want to do is to stop taxpayer funding of abortion.

    Today I want to talk about what is going on outside of the Capitol. Next week we have the March for Life here in Washington. Many people thought 41 years ago, with ROE v. WADE, that it was over, that the decision had been made and that there would be abortion and abortion on-demand here in the United States forever. But a year later, there was the first March for Life; now, the 40th March for Life. We will see hundreds of thousands of Americans come out here, so many young people coming out here to show their support for life, and I want to thank them for taking the time, making the effort to come out and speak for those who can't speak for themselves. I will be here next week to address the crowd before the march.

    In Chicago this coming Sunday, there will be tens of thousands who can't go to Washington who will be out for a March for Life. I will be there to address the crowd and, again, call for all of our leaders to embrace life and protect life.

    The gentlewoman from Alabama (Mrs. Roby) talked about the other things that people are doing in the pro-life movement that is just so vitally important because it is not just about legislation. It is just not about protecting life through law, which we must do, but it is about adoption. Mrs. Roby talked very eloquently about all those who are involved in adoption out there, the tens of thousands who give their time, give their lives to adopt babies.

    We also have the crisis pregnancy centers who not only tell women who are pregnant about the option for them, but they provide for them. They provide food. They offer to provide diapers and other things, the trips to the doctor that are needed for women who are pregnant and who are considering having an abortion. I want to thank them for the work that they do.

    So here we are, 41 years after ROE v. WADE, and there is a vibrant pro-life movement still going on. I want to thank everyone who is part of that movement. I will keep working for changing the laws in this country. We have to change the hearts and minds of our leaders so we can change the laws and take care of the unborn and all those women out there who face this most difficult choice.

    I want to thank all of my colleagues who are standing up here with me today for the work that they are doing to protect the unborn.

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