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    by Representative Dan Benishek

    Posted on 2014-01-15

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    BENISHEK. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

    Mr. Speaker, I rise today to support the rights of the unborn and to urge my colleagues to do everything within their legal power to help protect the most innocent and defenseless citizens of our great Nation.

    I served as a doctor for nearly 30 years in northern Michigan, and I know that life begins at conception and that protection for that life must start at conception. As a father and grandfather, I have been blessed to experience this miracle on my own family.

    I think everyone believes the government should protect children--we ensure their health, their safety, their well-being. I, along with many in northern Michigan, believe that life inside the womb is just as precious as life outside the womb and that it must be protected.

    Because of this belief that the lives of the unborn deserve protection, I have worked hard to prevent taxpayer funding of abortion. I joined with a majority of my Republican colleagues in the House of Representatives supporting H.R. 7, the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act. Your hard-earned tax dollars should not pay for abortions, especially when such highly controversial practices are opposed by most taxpayers.

    January 22, next Wednesday, marks the 41st anniversary of the ROE v. WADE Supreme Court decision. After 41 years of passionate engagement, I would like to commend the grassroots efforts of our local communities. Thank you for the hard work that you do to educate our communities about this important debate.

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