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    by Representative Bill Huizenga

    Posted on 2014-01-15

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    HUIZENGA of Michigan. I appreciate the gentleman from New Jersey and the leadership that he has provided all of us in the Pro-Life Caucus.

    I am looking here at my phone. I wish I could share this on TV with everybody and everybody up in the gallery and with my colleagues. It is of someone very special named Sloan, and I am going to tell a story about her a little later.

    {time} 1700 It is of someone very special named Sloan, and I am going to tell a little story about her a little later.

    This is an inspiration as I am coming up here today to talk a little bit about this issue. The numbers, the statistics have been shared, and sometimes they ring hollow--it is just numbers. We have to attach the lives that have been affected by that, not only those children whose lives were lost, but the mothers, the fathers, the grandparents, those that lost that and have that void in their families. So, of course, we must continue to fight for the unborn.

    There is another story to be told, as well. That story is about those children that we cannot forget who need permanent, loving homes. Each year there are about 120,000 families--120,000 families--that navigate the adoption process and welcome new children into their lives. I am pleased to report that adoption rates in west Michigan where I represent are among the highest in the country. Bethany Christian Services is located in Grand Rapids. It is the largest adoption agency in America.

    I have a personal connection with the Lake Shore Pregnancy Center. My wife serves on the board of that fine organization, and there are so many others out there trying to provide those services. Our own church this past Sunday set up a Pack 'n Play. The challenge to all of us at the church was let's fill it. In fact, let's fill two of those Pack 'n Plays with all the needs that these mothers and these children have so we can provide the alternative to those young ladies oftentimes who are desperate and are looking for a way out. They are looking for an answer, and they don't know where to turn so often and have crisis pregnancy centers there to offer alternatives to death and destruction. It is something that we need to take very seriously, and I take seriously as a believer.

    The right-to-life groups where I served as my church's right-to-life representative for over 10 years, and was proud to do that, was able to be that voice and tirelessly promote the culture of life and strong families. I think that is something that we need to continue to do.

    I am struck by families in my own church, the Holwiendas and the Meyards, who have done not just one international adoption, but multiple international adoptions. Friends from school--my roommate in college and best friend from high school was adopted through Bethany Christian Services very early on. I think we cannot forget those faces and those lives that have become so productive and have changed our culture.

    I was especially touched this year--and this is where Sloan comes in--I was especially touched this year as I watched the life of a member of my own staff change when she and her husband adopted a little baby girl. She sent me this photo just a couple of minutes ago. The caption was, ``need some inspiration?'' And the photo of Sloan came up--yes, I think she has Spaghettios smeared on her face and all kinds of great stuff--as she is sitting in her highchair. But those are the things that we need to keep in mind when we are talking about life and the culture of life that we have.

    Let's change those statistics. More stories like this one can be told. More stories about Sloan and Steve and others that have been in our lives. These are stories that change lives, not just of those children, but it changes the lives of those adoptive parents, the grandparents, the aunts and the uncles and the friends. We are thrilled and celebrate those families that have made that choice, and we pray that the work that we do here can continue to help them make that choice.

    I thank my friend, the gentleman from New Jersey, for allowing me to be a part of this.

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