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  • The Passing of Army Staff Sergeant Landon Leo Henscheid

    by Representative Jason Chaffetz

    Posted on 2013-12-12

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    CHAFFETZ of utah in the house of representatives Thursday, December 12, 2013 Mr. CHAFFETZ. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor a dedicated soldier and young patriot who survived his war injuries, but died tragically after a protracted battle with cancer. Army Staff Sergeant Landon Leo Henscheid of Alpine, Utah, was initially paralyzed from injuries he received while serving as a field medic in Afghanistan. Subsequent surgery for those injuries relieved his paralysis, but revealed cancer in his spine. For 18 months, the 24-year-old soldier fought valiantly, but ultimately lost his battle with cancer on Pearl Harbor Day.

    Staff Sgt. Henscheid loved serving as a field medic and caring for those with whom he served. He had a tremendous capacity to love other people. He developed strong bonds with the men and women in his unit-- bonds which lasted long after their deployments ended. Upon their return from deployment, friends knew they were welcome at the Henscheid home, where at one point a few of them lived in an RV in the driveway that Henscheid's father called, ``The Barracks.'' Always a fan of a good adrenalin rush, Staff Sgt. Henscheid did not fear danger. According to his mother, he loved driving fast--whether he was on his motorcycle, his 4-wheeler or a boat. He loved jumping out of airplanes. Just before deploying, he even bungee jumped from the Las Vegas Stratosphere. His plans for the future included serving in Special Operations.

    Staff Sgt. Henscheid is fortunate to come from a remarkable family whose sacrifices on his behalf--and on behalf of the United States of America--deserve our heartfelt gratitude. The Henscheid family cared for three Wounded Warrior sons--two of their own sons and a son-in-law. They also welcomed into their home other young men who served beside their own sons, providing both physical and emotional support as these brave young men acclimated to post-war life and dealt with their invisible injuries. All of Staff Sgt. Henscheid's immediate family went to great lengths to be with him during his battle with cancer. His mother relocated to Maryland from Utah to assist him. His oldest brother, Cody, a recipient of the Combat Action Badge, Bronze Star Medal w/V device and Purple Heart due to his 2006 injuries in Afghanistan, visited along with his wife Teera. They lived in North Dakota at the time. His sister Rheanna, whose husband Jacob Henry also sustained injuries while serving in Army Civil Affairs in Afghanistan, made the trip from Elko, Nevada. And his youngest brother Hayden and wife Lexi took multiple trips to Maryland from their home in North Dakota to help provide support and care.

    In addition, Staff Sgt. Henscheid enjoyed the love and support of the men who had lived with his family upon their return home from deployments and became like brothers. In particular, Benjamin Judd, who served in Iraq with Cody; Brian Jones, who also served in Iraq with Cody and again in Afghanistan with Landon; and Jacob Henry, who served on Landon Henscheid's first tour and eventually married his sister.

    We honor the tremendous personal sacrifice of Staff Sgt. Henscheid's family. He leaves behind his parents, Don and Janet Henscheid, two brothers and a sister. In addition, he leaves behind many of his military brothers who were like family to him.

    The contributions of this great American family reflect the tremendous spirit of service and sacrifice that have for so long preserved our freedom. I wish to honor the Henscheid family's example of selfless service and commitment to family.

    Today, I ask all Members of Congress to join me as we honor the life and legacy of Staff Sgt. Landon Henscheid, as well as the sacrifices of his and other families across this great nation. We can never repay them the debt we owe for their efforts to protect our freedom.


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