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    The Debt Ceiling

    by Former Representative Kerry L. Bentivolio

    Posted on 2013-01-15

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    BENTIVOLIO. Mr. Speaker, thank you for granting me the floor today. It is truly an honor and privilege to be a Member of the House of Representatives, the people's House. We have all been sent here to serve the people, and I look forward to representing the freedom- loving, hardworking people of Michigan.

    More than two centuries ago, Members of the first Congress were summoned to uphold and defend the Constitution. Because of the Constitution, America became a shining symbol of freedom and prosperity to the world. Today, we must ensure that America retains that luster.

    Everyone arrives here from different walks of life. Some are lawyers, some are business leaders, and yes, well, at least one of us is a reindeer rancher.

    I recognize we all have different viewpoints, and I understand that I have joined Congress during a contentious time. I do think, however, there is one thing on which we should all agree: The job of a Member of Congress is to protect the rights of the people, not take them away.

    The national debt is approaching $17 trillion. The decisions we make in this Chamber not only affect us today, they resonate throughout future generations. The massive national debt we are accruing will leave to our children a weaker Nation than the one we inherited from our parents. Those yet to be born do not have a voice today, they don't have representation, but we must remember what we do here resonates for generations to come.

    Our moment to preserve our great Nation has arrived. Our country is at a crossroads. We must stand together and get over our disagreements. We must strive valiantly and dare greatly, applying the principles that made our country so exceptional to solve the problems that the people of this great Nation sent us here to fix.

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