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  • The Chaplain

    by Senator Harry Reid

    Posted on 2013-03-05

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    REID. Mr. President, before the Chaplain leaves the Chamber, I want to say something on behalf of all the Senators.

    New Senators probably don't know him as well as those who have been here longer than the beginning of this year, but we are so fortunate to have this good man leading the Senate in our spiritual activities. He leads the prayer every morning. We have a ``Prayer Breakfast'' every Wednesday. And during that period of time when we don't see him, he is out counseling people who work here, including individual Senators.

    During the last few years, my wife has been ill and has had a bad accident. He has been so in tune with her, making sure that we all are aware of how well she is doing. She has had a great recovery.

    So on behalf of the whole Senate, I extend my appreciation to this good man--a man who was born with very little except a very good mother who taught him early on--and had a very keen intellect--that with his mind he could accomplish a great deal.

    As far as memory, there is only one other person I have known in my lifetime who had a memory like his, and that was Robert Byrd, the longtime Senator from West Virginia. Chaplain Black has a remarkable memory of not only all the Scriptures, Old and New Testament, but poems. He has an intellect that is really amazing.

    Again, I repeat, we are all so very fortunate that he is Chaplain of the Senate.


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