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    by Senator Richard J. Durbin

    Posted on 2013-12-18

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    DURBIN. I wish to say a word about the statement made by my colleague from Delaware.

    Senator Carper and I came to Congress together over 30 years ago in the House of Representatives. He left for a short interlude to become Governor of the State, and then I recall making a telephone call to him 1 day saying would you consider joining me again in the Senate, and he was kind enough to do so. The people of Delaware were wise enough to elect him. I have known Tom Carper for a long time. He is an honorable man, a man of integrity.

    This is a controversial nomination on the other side of the aisle. There are some who question the integrity of Mr. Mayorkas and his fitness to be chosen for this position. I have met him. He makes a positive impression and a very strong case that he should continue in public service. But what I respect most is my colleague, Senator Tom Carper, chairman of this committee, has gone to extraordinary lengths to investigate every allegation, to answer every question, and to be there to work with the other side of the aisle to try to resolve any problems that they have with this nomination. Sadly, he has not been successful. There are still some on the other side who will oppose him.

    I spoke to Senator Reid, the majority leader, earlier this week, and said: If Tom Carper believes that Ali Mayorkas is an honorable man based on his investigation, I trust Tom Carper. I don't believe he would ever mislead the American people, the people of Delaware, or the Senate. We should confirm this man. The allegations that have been made against him have not been substantiated and, frankly, should not ruin what is an extraordinary public career and an opportunity for him to continue to serve this Nation that he loves.

    I thank Tom Carper for his leadership, for his integrity, and his commitment to fairness to make sure that this man is treated fairly by the Senate.


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