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  • The Art of the Tax Deal

    by Representative Gwen Moore

    Posted on 2017-11-29

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    MOORE. Mr. Speaker, I proudly present the art of the deal: In the tax deal before us, we provide permanent tax cuts for individuals who are multimillionaires and billionaires. With this deal, all middle class families will eventually face a tax increase since tax relief for them expires.

    All taxes, of course, go up on folks earning as little as $10,000 a year almost immediately. After all, Mr. Speaker, somebody's got to pay for the wealthy's permanent tax cuts.

    Now, how do we get buy-in from the middle class, you ask. Well, here is the beauty of the deal, Mr. Speaker. We will trickle down a few crumbs from the master's table to get some of them through one or two Christmas shopping seasons; and let's tell them that they can do their taxes on a postcard and that they will just love that they won't have to go through all the tedious math work of receiving thousands of dollars in personal exemptions and State income and local tax relief.

    {time} 1015 They won't have to do all of that subtracting of medical expenses and student loan interest from their tax obligations.

    We will promise them jobs. Hey, yeah, let's do that through dynamic scoring, trickle-down and voodoo economic growth like we did during the Reagan and Bush years, back when we gave trillions of dollars in tax cuts to the wealthy and created the deficits that are now dragging on our economy.

    Mr. Speaker, people are so desperate that they will believe us. Of course, we will have to cut $25 billion out of Social Security immediately to meet budget rules, or maybe we can just cut some veteran benefits from mandatory spending. We are targeting $1.5 trillion in cuts to Medicaid and Medicare, but don't worry, Mr. Speaker, we will just defame recipients of these benefits as unworthy welfare cheats and the general public will go for our deal.

    Mr. Speaker, let's adopt a better deal. Let's pursue a commonsensical means of growing the economy, like spending these trillions of dollars on infrastructure instead of a giveaway to the wealthy, by providing postsecondary opportunity and skill development to our next generation of [[Page H9473]] innovators and workers instead of taxing our students into an abyss of debt.

    Let's fund research on medical cures instead of burying the infirm into early graves. Let us reject this abomination of a tax bill.


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