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  • Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2015

    by Representative Michael E. Capuano

    Posted on 2015-01-07

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    CAPUANO. I thank the gentlewoman for yielding.

    Mr. Speaker, I, too, want to add my words congratulating everybody for finally getting this done, but I also want to be real clear. I wish we could have done this a year ago, so we could have been working on things that we have some differences on that need to be done.

    Where we are today on this bill could have easily been reached in a bipartisan manner with 400-plus Members voting for it over a year ago. I am only aware of two outside groups--both [[Page H70]] think tanks, not in business, not in labor--that opposed this bill; yet we let them run the agenda here because people couldn't get off the dime.

    For me, that is a huge mistake. We are here to make agreements, to make compromise, to get things done. For instance, we are sitting here today with Fannie and Freddie not resolved after all these years because we can't get off the dime of a few ideological disagreements that clearly are not going to be settled, the way they are going.

    There is plenty of room for compromise, plenty of room to get together and talk about it and get something done for the American people and the American economy.

    That is just one example. We have to get beyond the outside ideological groups telling us what we can and cannot do. Even if we agree with them, we have to understand we are elected to lead, to argue, and then to compromise.

    We are here today, finally. Thank you. Let's not get bogged down any further in this new Congress. We will have our differences, and we will have some differences that cannot be resolved. This was never one of them. I think there is plenty of room on Fannie and Freddie. I think there are issues on insurance.

    I think there are plenty of issues we can and should work on. We both have our outside groups to deal with. We both have to turn to them with loving attention and tell you: ``We love you, we agree with you, but I was elected to move the ball forward.'' That is what we are doing here today, and I congratulate those people that have finally done it, including the two people leading this bill, both the chairman and the ranking member of the committee, and other members of this committee that have worked on this for so long.

    I can't honestly say that I am looking forward to doing this again in 6 years, but I hope that when we get there, we can do it a little bit more quickly than we did this time.

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