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  • Temporary Increase in Borrowing Authority for National Flood Insurance Program

    by Representative Gregory W. Meeks

    Posted on 2013-01-04

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    MEEKS. Madam Speaker, I yield myself as much time as I may consume.

    I'm pleased that today on this floor, though it may be a little late, that we'll finally act on a piece of legislation that's vital to the Superstorm Sandy disaster relief legislation to increase the borrowing authority by FEMA on behalf of the National Flood Insurance Program.

    By increasing financing by $9.7 billion, this bill will enable the provisions of a central relief of 120,000 flood victims who have waited for far too long for the payment on the claims.

    {time} 1010 I support today's bill as an important step for recovery from Superstorm Sandy. When taken as a whole, the House's actions today, I believe, still are slow--67, 68 days have gone by--and I know we've got some commitments, but we're moving forward, and I'm hopeful that we will get the full entitlement that the individuals from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut vitally need. Some of the programs, of course, that need essential funding include the Army Corps of Engineers, who worked to protect New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut shorelines in coastal communities, and the Small Business Administration so they can provide loans to help small businesses.

    But let me, before I yield back my time, take some special time to thank Mr. Garrett. I want to thank every member of the New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey delegation for working collectively together to try to make sure that our people--because this is an issue that affects the American people--that our people receive the kind of aid that they need. I particularly want to say to my friends Mr. Grimm and Mr. King of New York, and I've seen several times that they've sat and worked together collectively with our Governor, whom I also want to give a special thank-you to, Governor Mario Cuomo, and Governor Chris Christie from New Jersey, for working cooperatively, not as a Democrat or a Republican, but working as an elected official to come together to the aid of people who need aid, aid from a terrible storm.

    And so I'm hopeful as we move forward--we do the $9 billion today, and do what we need to do by January 15--that we get certain things done and finally the people of this region receive the kind of aid that they need.

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