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  • Tax Rate Extenders Have Positive Economic Effects

    by Representative Doug LaMalfa

    Posted on 2015-12-18

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    LaMALFA asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute and to revise and extend his remarks.) Mr. LaMALFA. Merry Christmas to the East Nicolaus Spartans from the Biggs Wolverines. Congratulations this year.

    Mr. Speaker, the tax credit package we have passed will not only lower taxes for families across the Nation, it will spur more investment and growth by small businesses and farms, like in my northern California district.

    For too long, Americans have had to wait until the last few days of each year to find out under which laws they will be taxed and at what rates. If the Senate will join us, this package will end that vicious cycle, and Americans can finally make financial decisions with greater stability to plan for the future.

    We have supported education through tax credits for students and teachers, and we have increased protections to rein in the IRS.

    Particularly important components for the First District are provisions that allow farmers, ranchers, as well as mining operations, timber operators, and construction contractors to make informed decisions about how they can buy new equipment for the coming years and how it will be taxed.

    Families and businesses have been asking and begging for us to have the stability and predictability in what their tax rates are going to be. I am very happy that we were able to get this done, and I urge the Senate to also get that done so we can have predictability in tax rates and go about our business.


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