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  • Strengthening Child Welfare Response to Trafficking Act of 2015

    by Representative Ted Poe

    Posted on 2015-01-26

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    POE of Texas. Mr. Speaker, I thank the gentleman for yielding time.

    This bill, Strengthening Child Welfare Response to Trafficking Act, H.R. 469, is an excellent piece of legislation. As mentioned, it is a bipartisan piece of legislation.

    I want to thank Karen Bass from California and Chairman Kline from Minnesota for bringing this to the floor.

    This is one of many, many pieces of legislation dealing with trafficking that have come and will come to the House floor the rest of today and tomorrow, bipartisan pieces of legislation.

    In my short tenure of 10 years here in Congress, I have never seen a subject that had so many people interested on both sides of the aisle and so many pieces of legislation coming to the House floor, all with the purpose of trying to rein in this scourge of human trafficking in the United States.

    The public seems to be a little more concerned about other matters than the issue of trafficking, at least the media does. They spend a lot of time talking about how much air is in footballs when we probably should be dealing with how much criminal activity is taking place in America where America's children are being kidnapped and put into slavery.

    One example of this is the bill that Ms. Bass has brought to us, and that is the one regarding child welfare agencies in States.

    I understand, Mr. Speaker, that 60 percent of American children involved in human trafficking, somewhere in their background they were in foster care. I am not saying foster care caused that. I am just saying that somewhere they make the route through foster care. We are not doing what we should do in dealing with our children to protect them from this scourge of trafficking.

    This legislation goes a long way to help people in States, State government, to take care and make sure that children do not get taken up in this human trafficking that is taking place in the United States.

    {time} 1645 I come from Houston. Unfortunately, Houston is one of the hubs in the United States for human trafficking. Because of our location in the United States--near an international border--we have not only domestic trafficked victims go through our city but international trafficked victims and their children, their young people.

    I want to congratulate Ms. Bass and the House and the leadership of the House for bringing this legislation and legislation like it up to the floor to make sure that America understands and criminals understand America's children are not for sale.

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