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  • Stop the Sequester

    by Representative Joaquin Castro

    Posted on 2013-02-26

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    CASTRO of Texas asked and was given permission to address the House [[Page H643]] for 1 minute and to revise and extend his remarks.) Mr. CASTRO of Texas. Mr. Speaker, today I rise to speak in opposition to the inaction on the sequester.

    These across-the-board budget cuts are the direct result of hostage politics, another self-inflicted wound that sabotages our efforts to build out the infrastructure of opportunity in America for so many hardworking and humble people. Inaction should not be an option.

    In Texas, this body's inaction will be felt almost immediately. Nearly 100,000 Texans could lose their jobs. Texas schools stand to lose almost $70 million, putting nearly 1,000 educators out of work and countless children at risk of a disrupted education. More than 50,000 of the folks supporting our military, many of them veterans themselves, could lose 20 percent of their pay in the next year.

    The President and Democrats have offered a balanced solution to stop the sequester and reduce our deficit below the historic average. Mr. Speaker, I urge you to allow these proposals to come before the full House. Our communities deserve good-faith action from Congress.


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