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  • Stop the Sequester

    by Representative Elizabeth H. Esty

    Posted on 2013-02-28

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    ESTY of connecticut in the house of representatives Thursday, February 28, 2013 Ms. ESTY. Mr. Speaker, in Connecticut last week, I heard a lot of different fears from people in my district about sequestration. Almost everyone is worried about the economy. Small business owners and manufacturers in Torrington and Waterbury are worried about staying above water. Parents in Danbury are worried about their children's education. Social service providers in New Britain and Meriden are worried about losing funding to help seniors who need meal assistance and to help families who need housing assistance. People everywhere are worried about keeping their jobs.

    And there's a question in common. With this imminent, self-inflicted threat to people's jobs and people's livelihoods, why isn't Congress doing anything about it? Why, at the very least, are we not voting on a balanced alternative? Our constituents deserve more than an answer to that question, they deserve action. There is no reason businesses and families in Connecticut, or in any state, should be facing this catastrophe. It is entirely of our own doing but it's the folks back home that suffer the consequences.

    I ask unanimous consent that the House now take up H.R. 699, the Stop the Sequester Job Loss Now Act, introduced by Mr. Van Hollen to replace the sequestration with commonsense, cost-cutting policies--repealing subsidies for big oil and big gas, refocusing subsidies for big agriculture, and enacting a ``Buffet Rule'' so that the wealthiest are paying their fair share.

    We should be allowed to vote on this bill, and we should vote to remove this threat to the well-being of folks in all of our districts who have worked so hard to get by and to bring our country back from recession.


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