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  • Stop Obama’s Executive Amnesty

    by Representative Dave Brat

    Posted on 2015-02-11

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    BRAT. Mr. Speaker, on November 4, the American people spoke loudly and clearly on illegal immigration and President Obama's repeated overreaches of his authority. Yet within weeks of the election, the President tried to singlehandedly rewrite America's immigration laws by granting amnesty by executive decree to 5 million illegal aliens already in this country. It was a move that he previously said he had no constitutional authority to execute. He also acknowledged that only Congress could rewrite the laws. But he did it anyway.

    In response, the House took a firm stand last month to pass a bill to stop the President's illegal and unconstitutional decree that grants amnesty, work permits, and Federal benefits to illegal aliens. The bill fully funds the Department of Homeland Security for the rest of the year, but it also prohibits the Department from carrying out the President's illegal act. Let me repeat that last line. This bill fully funds the Department of Homeland Security. It just says that in order to get that funding, the Department cannot break the law.

    That is just common sense. The American people don't want the Federal Government breaking the law, and it is up to Congress to make sure that no Federal funds are used illegally.

    Yet today, Senate Democrats are currently united in opposing this bill. Recent polling shows that Americans overwhelmingly oppose the President's [[Page H963]] executive immigrations actions 58 to 36. I call on my Senate colleagues to support the Constitution and the rule of law and pass H.R. 240 as it was passed in the House.

    The President's amnesty scheme is not only illegal, it is patently unconstitutional. It creates a dangerous precedent where future Presidents can ignore laws they don't agree with and expand their own power beyond its legal boundaries, threatening the very liberty of the American people.

    Our constitutionally guaranteed liberties, our rule of law and economic opportunities are precisely the things that immigrants come to America to experience. Our Constitution, rule of law, and economic prosperity are precisely the things that we will be giving up if we allow the President to break our laws to give amnesty and work permits to those who are here illegally.

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