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  • Space Launch Liability Indemnification Extension Act

    by Representative Chaka Fattah

    Posted on 2014-01-15

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    FATTAH. I want to thank the leadership of the committee, the staff and my fellow colleagues on the Appropriations Committee. This is a moment that I think we can all see helps us move our Nation forward, and I rise in support of the bill.

    I want to also thank my great friend, the chairman of the subcommittee which I have the privilege of being the ranking member of. Chairman Wolf has done an extraordinary job and will continue to because we have some more work to do. But I want to just extend to him my public thanks for his cooperation through this entire process.

    Let me say a couple of things very quickly. I introduced some legislation, the American Discoveries and American Jobs Act, that suggested that where we finance investment with taxpayers' money, we should require that new products that emanate from that be manufactured in America. The impulse, the essence of that, is embodied in the CJS bill, and I want to thank Chairman Wolf for that.

    I want to join with him on the prison reform effort because it is so critically important that our Nation think anew about our criminal justice system. I think that this is an action-forcing event that will pay great dividends for our Nation through the task force that is embodied in the bill.

    I want to indicate, again, that one of our highest priorities on the committee has been youth mentoring; and, again, we have a significant investment in that regard, the Boys & Girls Club of America, the Big Brothers Big Sisters, all of our national, evidence-based youth mentoring programs. And I know that we as a Nation want to see many more of our young people be successful. So I'm thankful for that.

    The Gear UP funding, working with Ranking Member Bishop on the suicide prevention efforts, this bill represents in a lot of respects progress on these issues, and legal services, and then in terms of my day job, NASA, both in terms of space technology, commercial crew and the James Webb Telescope.

    I'm looking forward to voting to support this and then having the U.S. Senate support it so that the President can sign it. I thank Chairman Rogers and our Ranking Member Lowey for their great leadership on this effort.

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