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  • Save American Workers Act of 2015

    by Representative Ryan A. Costello

    Posted on 2015-01-08

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    COSTELLO of Pennsylvania. I thank the gentleman for yielding me this time.

    Mr. Speaker, restoring the 40-hour workweek is an important reform that will provide relief and certainty for employers in my district, and it will help protect their hardworking employees.

    The ACA's unprecedented modification from 40 to 30 hours has forced many jobs creators to scale back business growth, to force them to cut employee hours, and/or to reduce the take-home wages of hardworking Americans.

    Mr. Speaker, let's focus on what this legislation is designed to do and who it is designed to help. Those making under $30,000 a year, disproportionately women and young Americans, who need the hours and jobs the most, are the ones most at risk of having their hours and wages cut under existing law.

    Small businesses and restaurants in my district, such as Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, have suffered. For example, Victory has faced difficult decisions about employee hours and has been plagued with chronic underemployment just to make ends meet.

    I am proud to cosponsor the Save American Workers Act. This will help so many businesses not just in southeastern Pennsylvania, but across the Nation.

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