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  • Save American Workers Act of 2015

    by Representative Bill Pascrell Jr.

    Posted on 2015-01-08

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    PASCRELL. Mr. Speaker, today I rise in opposition to the Save American Workers Act. Look, we will not recognize the fact that in 1960 to 2013, this is the lowest increase in health care costs in the last 50, 60 years.

    They don't want to admit it. You can't admit one positive thing about the ACA. But I want you to tell the people who you throw off health care insurance, I want them, through the Speaker, to tell them that no longer are you going to be covered if you have preconditions. You do it.

    Mr. Speaker, this bill is nothing more than a tool for large employers to avoid providing their employees with health insurance, despite the fact they can afford to do so.

    Now, look, this is not a perfect piece of legislation. We have never passed a perfect piece of legislation. Only God is perfect.

    The bill will reduce the number of people receiving insurance through their employers. Simple fact. Been codified. Increase the number of people getting insurance through the Affordable Care Act. Put more burden on the Treasury and increase the number of people who will end up with no insurance.

    Studies have shown that raising the threshold to 40 hours would nearly triple the number of workers at risk of having their hours just slightly reduced by firms looking to avoid requirements to provide their employees with health insurance.

    My Republican colleagues love to extol the virtues of fiscal responsibility, so it is good to know that those concerns can be so easily cast aside for bills like this that not only add to the deficit, but also achieve their noble goal of resulting in more Americans going without health insurance.

    Through the Speaker, I would like to give the manager 30 days to change his thoughts that were extended this week in the newspaper when he said that this bill will give more people more full-time work. Show us. Show us, please.

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