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    Safe Climate Caucus

    by Former Representative Rush Holt

    Posted on 2014-01-08

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    HOLT. Mr. Speaker, I rise today as a member of the Safe Climate Caucus.

    After 12 months of the 113th Congress, Republicans continue to push their anticlean energy, antienvironment, climate-denying agenda. Although we have taken very few votes in this Congress over the past year, we have taken more than 100 votes that are antienvironment. Those included: 20 votes that would weaken the Clean Air Act; 20 votes that would prevent Federal efforts to curb greenhouse gas carbon pollution; 51 votes to protect oil and gas special interests; 37 votes to weaken the Clean Water Act; 27 votes to slash funding for clean energy and energy efficiency.

    I don't enjoy pointing out that protecting our air and our water has become a partisan issue, but I must point out that Republicans are still sacrificing the climate and our environment for the benefit of a few wealthy special interests.

    It is cold outside today in much of the U.S., and some are saying that this is proof that global warming is a hoax. How misinformed that is. The cold wave in the midlatitudes of North America is a result of warm patches in the oceans and the atmosphere diverting the jet stream and driving arctic air southward.

    Climate change doesn't mean warmer air everywhere, every day. It means more fluctuations, in other words, droughts, storms, and temperature changes. They are--and will be--greater.

    It is going to be warmer tomorrow and the next day and for the next 100 years, on average, until we get serious that this is the most pressing environmental threat on our planet--global climate change.

    The way we produce and use energy is the greatest insult to our planet, not only causing injury and death through pollution, but adversely changing the world's climate with very dangerous, deadly results.

    We should support the President's climate action plan.


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