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  • Rules of the House

    by Representative Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan

    Posted on 2013-01-03

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    SABLAN. Madam Speaker, we have just sworn to uphold the Constitution. We have taken an oath to pursue the ideal of a more perfect Union.

    We take that oath proudly, believing that the United States of America is the world's great democracy.

    Yet our pride should never blind us to the imperfections that remain.

    Because, as this 113th U.S. House of Representatives begins its business, some 5 million Americans are not really represented here.

    Yes, we have Delegates and a Resident Commissioner.

    We have offices and staff. We have membership--and votes--in House committees.

    But we do not have a vote when legislation comes before this body.

    The 5 million Americans we represent live under laws not fully of their making.

    That is not the ideal of representational democracy our founders envisioned in the Constitution.

    My colleagues and I ask today to have our vote in the Committee of the Whole restored.

    Yet, ultimately, we must all set our eyes beyond that limited goal and decide that every United States citizen--no matter where in America they may live--must be fully represented here in the people's House.

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