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  • Restoring Americans’ Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act of 2015

    by Representative Charles B. Rangel

    Posted on 2016-01-06

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    RANGEL. Mr. Speaker, let me thank the gentleman for his statement in pointing out that this is not really a legislative issue. This is a Republican partisan issue where people have waited for years for this moment to destroy a bill to put 22 million people out of reach of medical care.

    They are striking over $1 trillion from the bill. They are being critical of the bill. They didn't say their moment in the Sun was to provide a better bill. No. They say, if you go back home, you are going to hear complaints.

    Well, President Obama went back home to the American people and was campaigning for ObamaCare and they reelected him. Now we are saying that these 22 million people--do you think they are not going to get health care? You bet your sweet life on this country they are going to get care, not the quality care that ObamaCare would provide for them, but they will be going to emergency rooms. They will get more sick. They will end up in the hospitals. It will cost us much more than the so-called trillion dollars we have.

    Well, thank God we do have a government where the President can say no. Thank God we also have a Constitution that says you don't have enough votes to override what is constitutionally and morally the right thing to do.

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