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  • Restoring Americans’ Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act of 2015

    by Representative Kathy Castor

    Posted on 2016-01-06

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    CASTOR of Florida. Mr. Speaker, Democrats in Congress begin the new year with a renewed commitment to working families across this great country and a commitment to standing up to the special interests that hold so much sway here in Washington, D.C. In contrast, House Republicans begin the new year with the first vote that is a vote against women, a vote against women's health, and a vote to target Planned Parenthood all rolled into one.

    Now, women across this country will not forget the coordinated smear campaign against Planned Parenthood last year that was based upon false, manufactured videos full of distortions and misinformation.

    We will not forget how Republicans in Congress acted in concert with the shady group and used the controversy to eliminate family planning support and vital cancer screenings for women across the country. It is especially troubling that my GOP colleagues begin the year targeting folks who really need the help the most: working families, young women, and women of color.

    While Republicans choose to start the year this way, what I hear from women, parents, moms, and dads at home is that they want greater economic security and greater personal security. That is what Congress should be focused on in 2016, not an attack on women's health.

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