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  • Restoring Americans’ Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act of 2015

    by Representative Kevin Brady

    Posted on 2016-01-06

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    BRADY of Texas. Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to speak today in support of the Restoring Americans' Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act.

    Under the leadership of Committee on the Budget chairman, Dr. Price, and our Speaker, Paul Ryan, we will soon deliver an ObamaCare dismantle bill to the President's desk.

    By passing this legislation: We will fulfill our promise to use every possible tool to stop the President's expensive healthcare law; We will eliminate the unpopular mandates of the backbone of the Affordable Care Act; We will protect Americans from tax penalties for failing to purchase an expensive Washington-approved product that just so many people at home can't afford; We will end the tax penalties facing America's job creators who don't offer health insurance that meets Washington bureaucrats' very expensive tastes; We will deliver real relief from a dozen Democrat tax increases that drive American jobs overseas and punish American workers; We will protect taxpayer dollars by repealing an ObamaCare slush fund and ensuring that your taxpayer subsidies don't go to people who aren't eligible for them, and if they do, they are returned to the Treasury; We will--and this is important to me--demonstrate our strong commitment to women's health. Instead of funding Planned Parenthood and its gruesome practices, we will fund high-quality community health centers, and we will help ensure more women have access to quality health care.

    We are here today with a bill that cuts taxes, spending, and the deficit because this Congress did its job.

    In closing, while our Democrat friends often accuse us of relentlessly and tirelessly pursuing the repeal of the President's healthcare law, the reason is we are fighting for our families and our patients and our local businesses who have been harmed by it.

    [[Page H56]] Yes, the President will surely veto the bill, even though this bill has strong popular support. My belief is that exercising your constitutional right and power to legislate is never wasted if you are fighting for principles your constituents believe in.

    Give the American people a clear moral choice. Let the President explain why his healthcare law is raising costs on so many American families and businesses. Let him stand on the wrong side of history by defending unethical medical practices that, frankly, many Americans find abhorrent.

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