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  • Requirement in Budget Submission With Respect to the Cost Per Taxpayer of the Deficit

    by Representative Marsha Blackburn

    Posted on 2013-03-05

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    BLACKBURN. I thank the gentleman for the time.

    Mr. Speaker, talking about burning issues, I don't know of anything that is more pressing than dealing with this Nation's debt. You can go back through the pages and look at what Admiral Mullen had to say on July 6, 2010: The greatest threat to our Nation's security is our Nation's debt.

    That is the reason we are here. We are not here for ourselves. We are here for our children and our grandchildren, and making certain that the America that they have, the future that they have, hope and opportunity that they have, is going to be greater than anything that we ever possibly could have imagined for ourselves.

    Isn't that what preserving freedom for prosperity is all about? It is about making certain that we hand over freedom in good shape for another generation.

    I will tell you, if you are looking at the debt clock, it's a pretty telling story--over $16.5 trillion. And yesterday, the per citizen share of that debt was $52,818. The per taxpayer share was $147,238.

    I know there are some in this body who would like to turn the debt clocks off in the hearing rooms. They just want to ignore it, and supposedly it would go away and we wouldn't have to talk about it. We could just pretend that we do not have a spending problem in Washington, D.C.

    Mr. Speaker, that is not reality. That is being completely divorced from reality. In order to defeat a problem, you have to admit that there is a problem. There is a problem with spending in Washington. There is a problem with our Nation's debt.

    I support the good work that has been done by my friend from Indiana and encourage all to vote for H.R. 668.

    Mr. VAN HOLLEN. Mr. Speaker, I yield myself such time as I may consume.

    Listening to this debate on the floor you might think that this bill did something to reduce the deficit and the debt. Just in case anyone is confused, it does nothing to reduce the deficit and debt. It does ask for a calculation, which we agree with.

    In fact, the gentlelady just did the calculation herself, which begs the question why you need to go through a bill to get somebody to do the calculation. In fact, this calculation changes, because as the gentleman and all of us have said, the deficit goes up. That number changes every day, and so you have got to do it every day.

    The point is, we passed this a month ago. There is no objection to doing a calculation. But this bill does nothing, nothing to reduce the deficit. In fact, it is running up the deficit as we spend time, taxpayer time, right here on the floor of the House while we continue to ask for a vote, up or down vote, on our plan to replace the sequester so that we don't lose 750,000 American jobs.

    Today will be the fourth time we have asked for this. Our Republican colleagues have not taken any action in this Congress, not one step, nothing, to replace the sequester.

    That is what we should be dealing with. Not a bill that we passed a month ago, not a bill that the gentlelady did a calculation on the floor to achieve the result. Let's focus on jobs and reducing the deficit in a smart way, by targeting spending cuts in a smart way, but also getting rid of all those tax breaks that our colleagues seem so wedded to keeping in place.

    With that, I yield 1 minute to the distinguished Democratic leader, the gentlewoman from California (Ms. Pelosi).

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