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  • Requirement in Budget Submission With Respect to the Cost Per Taxpayer of the Deficit

    by Representative Todd Rokita

    Posted on 2013-03-05

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    ROKITA. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in support of this important legislation offered by my good friend from Indiana.

    For more than 2 years now, my colleagues and I have led a family discussion across this country about our debt and deficits. Our current national debt stands at over $16.5 trillion and increases by $4 billion per day. We have $100 trillion, Mr. Speaker, in unfunded promises coming down the pike.

    What many Americans, including some Members of this distinguished body, fail to understand is that these numbers have consequences. Our debt and deficits are not simply a series of numbers. They are a reflection of our morality as a people. And what our debt and deficits reveal is that, for the first time in the history of our country, this generation is preparing to leave the next worse off.

    {time} 1250 I always seem to be able to talk about, at least on one side of this body, how many times something was introduced last year versus this year, and somehow expecting a difference. Einstein had something to say about repeating something and expecting a different result.

    Would anyone in this room be able to stand here and argue that this choice, leaving the next generation worse off, is morally correct? Of course not. The out-of-control spending coming from Washington will have a devastating impact on future generations, our children and grandchildren.

    I recently received a letter from a Boy Scout in my district by the name of Michael Krane, who said he is ``concerned and disappointed in the job Congress has been doing in the handling of the budget.'' Unfortunately, Michael does not have a voice in this conversation. He is too young to vote. And, of course, his children that he will one day have have no voice, yet they will be paying this bill.

    That is why I support Luke Messer's bill, to continue this conversation with the American people by simply saying, to those of us who are taxpayers, what we bear in terms of the cost for the government that we now have, as inefficient and ineffective as it is.

    Mr. VAN HOLLEN. Mr. Speaker, I yield myself such time as I may consume.

    As I pointed out earlier, but I think it bears emphasis, about 1 month ago we passed a virtually identical provision. So why are we back here on the floor of this House, again without opposition? I think everybody in this House voted to do this calculation and have it put on the books. So why we are here one month later when the sequester just kicked in, doing something that we already did, rather than focusing on the issue at hand, I think is a mystery to the American people. Folks who just read from letters they got and from constituents, I think those constituents are going to be asking, why are you doing now what you did 30 days ago when we have got all these other burning issues on our plate right now, and at a time when we are asking for a vote on a plan to replace the sequester in a balanced way for the fourth time.

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